Let Us Make an Unique Fashion Accessory for You…
Or a Memorable Gift for A Loved One

Susan Barzacchini of Wired Lotus creates one of kind pieces of jewelry from straight wire, sheet metal, pearls and gemstones.

Her work involves hours and sometimes days of sketching, weaving and metal forging to yield a beautiful and sometimes unusual piece of wearable art.

She has used cicada wings, shed snakeskin, taxidermy eyes or dried flowers encased in resin and then set into metals that have been woven with a high purity metal content of silver or copper.

Her pieces are feminine and even elegant with a twist of a gunmetal finish, giving the piece a mysterious masculine edge.

Why do we do what we do at Wired Lotus?

Susan Barzacchini, of Wired Lotus, finds spiritual freedom and joy from creating one of kind pieces of jewelry using wire and flat sheet metals in copper and silver. She likes the look of woven wire and the fact that the jewelry that is created is solidly constructed to stand the test of time.

How do we make our jewelry?

We make our jewelry in our private home studio where we use high quality wire and metals purchased from a jewelry company.

Many of the pieces are heat treated, fused, balled and soldered using a torch that reaches temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees. Most pieces begin their creation by being sketched and then constructed following the sketch pattern.

Typically, each piece of work is a journey that evolves over the process of the creation into something that is slightly different from the original sketch.

Wire and metals seem to take on a personality all their own when being twisted and woven and Susan “listens” to what direction she feels will make the most attractive works of wearable art. It can take several hours or even days to complete one piece.

What kind of jewelry do we make?

We make one of a kind eclectic works of wearable art.

We evaluate each piece for movement, flow and interest.

Call it elegant, boho, renaissance, edgy or organic, if you wish, but there really is no category for Wired Lotus’ jewelry.

It stands in a category all its own.