Meet Susan Barzacchini

Susan Barzacchini Artist & Chief Creative  Wired Lotus

Susan Barzacchini
Artist & Chief Creative Officer
Wired Lotus

Telephone wire, in bits and pieces found its way into my hands in the summer of 1974, while living in Germany.

Soon, multicolored coils of the wire were being made into rings, bracelets and pendants.

It seemed that I just couldn’t get enough of the telephone man’s wire. I was a sensitive and inquisitive child.

Two decades later, I rediscovered wire and jewelry design in a more sophisticated form. Once this reunion took place self-discoveries with metal and stone flew in multiple directions.

Jewelry became a sort of obsession.

I indulged in multiple classes, reading and media for expanding my knowledge. For years it seemed I had something in my hands to read and learn about the chemistry of metals and physical properties of minerals.

For years I created items to give to friends and family as gifts. My gifts started as sketches, came to me in dreams or materialized by designs discovered in nature.

Soon, my passion for creating jewelry evolved into the need to share this knowledge with others. I wanted to share what I had learned with others so that they could experience the same joy. It truly can be very therapeutic to work with wire.